A Day in the Life at White.net

As White.net’s newest recruit (as a Content Marketing Specialist), I didn’t know what to expect when I initially took the job. I’ve now been at White.net for over three months so I thought I’d take some time to reflect on everything so far.


The Work

The first thing that hit me was the range of clients we have – from my previous role as a writer in a very specialist niche, it was a shock to the system to start working on such a broad range of clients. Difficult at first to get into it, switching your tone of voice and style to the different audiences each day was a big challenge.


However, I like to think I’m one for embracing a good challenge, so I soon started to enjoy the rigours of the job. Writing for various clients has made my day-to-day work so much more enjoyable, and it’s not just all about writing. I have been exposed to all things digital marketing from day one; whether assisting content strategies or developing content marketing campaigns. And now, three months in, I’m more than capable of tackling these tasks with little assistance.


It’s a cliche, but you know that Monday morning feeling?… Forget about it!


The Team

There’s a range of personalities at White.net and that’s what really makes the team fun to be involved in. Not only do they contribute to making the environment fun to work in, but they are all experts in their particular fields. Everyone helps each other out, and particularly a newbie like myself. The team made me feel very welcome, and I’m learning so much from them, especially as they don’t mind my constant questions!


On top of the day-to-day office enjoyment, we also have regular team bonding outings. Whether it’s a morning rave (yes you heard it right), shuffleboarding (a quirky and surprisingly addictive bar game) or going for pancakes on pancake day; there’s always something to look forward to. But most importantly, it allows the team to let their hair down and properly get to know each other away from the working environment.


Conferences & Training

On my very first day, we headed to Take It Offline in Brighton, where I was thrown in at the deep-end to learn all about Content Marketing and SEO. There were some very knowledgeable people in the room, and this hands-on learning approach really inspired me for when we got back to the office the next day. Understanding the depth of knowledge that these people had from years of experience just made me want to start learning more and more.


Since then we’ve had a lot of internal training sessions which have covered everything from basic technical SEO to digital PR, as well as a lot of other learning on the job. I’m now looking forward to my first BrightonSEO where I will hopefully accelerate my learning even further, and meet some more great people working in digital.


Looking to the Future

There’s been a lot of change at White.net even in the short time I’ve been here but in a very positive way. We’ve signed five new clients in that period, and our processes have become more and more detailed – and more efficient. We currently have an excellent team of experts and personalities to drive this company forward – we just need to add a few more people to continue our rapid growth.


If you like the sound of this, then we’re hiring. Be a part of our team, either as a PPC specialist or SEO Specialist.



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