Wise Up on Penalties and Updates with the Latest DistilledU Module

More than a year after the previous Penguin update (2.1), last month Google launched Penguin 3.0. So far, the update has affected less than 1% of US/English queries. However, Pierre Far (Web Trends Analyst at Google) has called this a “slow, worldwide rollout” so perhaps, the effects are yet to be felt.

With all of this update news floating around, it’s hard not to feel bogged down by the specifics. Thankfully, I’ve been busy behind the scenes pulling together the latest DistilledU module which could help you identify, prevent or recover from the effects of penalties and algorithm updates.

Think you already know your stuff? Take a look at the below three questions taken from our Penalties module quiz to test your knowledge**.

  1. If you notice a significant drop in the number of indexed pages at the same time as a drop in organic traffic, which of the following causes is least likely to be responsible for the drop?

  • A typo in your robots.txt file

  • An algorithm update

  • Manual action by Google

  • Misapplication of the “robots” meta tag

  1. Which of the following is not a potential scope of manual action?

  • An entire site

  • Certain links to a site

  • The IP address of a site

  • Certain parts of a site

  1. Reconsideration requests are accepted when:

    • The reason for manual action is fixed or removed

    • It has been demonstrated that any violation was justifiable

    • Steps have been taken to improve the quality of the site

    • All of the above

**Find the answers to all three questions at the end of this post

So how did you fare? If you want to brush up your skills with the help of our online training modules, register for DistilledU and get stuck in. It’s just $40 per month (or $33 if you pay annually) and that includes all of our latest conference video footage, to boot. Bargain.

And while we have you, don’t forget to check out the Webmaster Tools set up mini-module too, over in the SEO 101 section.

  1. An algorithm update

  2. The IP address of a site

  3. The reason for manual action is fixed or removed

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