Market Report: Beds & Mattresses | Summer 2014

It’s been an busy summer here at We’ve been busy talking to new companies, launching new client websites, speaking at industry events, and even barbecuing.

In between all of this, we’ve also been digging into mountains of industry data to explore some new verticals and bring the intelligence and insights we discovered directly to you. Our quest to understand popular search landscapes led us to consider some less-highlighted, but nonetheless popular sectors.

Our chosen areas of interest have been informed by the sectors that we at White encountered in our everyday life, both at work and at home. As a result, this summer we’ve analysed the Beds & Mattresses sector.


Bed & mattress retailing is a growing sector.

According to research by the National Bed Federation, bed industry turnover was £570m in 2012, up from £516m the previous year* with 2,763,000 units sold in the first six months of 2013.**

It’s an industry where a growing number of retailers, both bricks and mortar and online-only, are entering the market, choice is increasing, and purchasing is becoming a journey rather than a transaction. Retailers are no longer selling just a product, they are selling a lifestyle to aspire to.

Beds are both a major purchase and an intimate purchase, so people need readily available information which allows them to understand the benefits of the money they are spending. They also need to feel sufficiently inspired by the product to want to spend the money so retailers need to appeal to their hearts as well as their heads.

Karl McKeever, Retail Consultant, quoted in Beds, May 2014 edition

Amongst our research you’ll find well-known brands such as Feather & Black, Tempur, Dreams and Silentnight. To find out who else made our organic top 25, download the report today.

Here are just some of the insights you will find in the Beds & Mattresses Sector Report:

Organic Market Share of Search

Swedish retailer IKEA holds a 9.4% share of organic search in this sector. Find out who beat them to the top-spot in our organic visibility Top 25.

Of the specialist bed retailers ranked in our Organic Top 12, who has the most shops, and is that benefiting them online?

Online-only versus bricks & mortar retailers

76% of the top 25 organic domains have a physical store within the UK – are they dominating organic search? You’ve heard of Bensons For Beds and Dreams, but are you familiar with the rest of our top 25?

Ratings & Reviews

Only half of the top 12 sites are using Adwords Ratings Extensions. Find out how many are utilising Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and Paid Search Ads.

 Industry-leading Brands

Tempur is the most searched for brand in the United Kingdom. Find out who is trailing them in organic search and their share of organic search.

 Key Search Trends

Living space is decreasing, so are we looking to buy smaller beds? Find out what’s out of fashion and what’s selling in our Key Search Trends pages.

If you’d like to download a copy of the Beds & Mattresses Market Report | Summer 2014, please click here.

*Beds Magazine May 2014 (NBF data)

*Beds Magazine, May 2014 (ONS data)


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