Back to School: Lesson 1- What is SEO?

This week, over 600,000 children in England are starting school for the first time – and in a strange sense, I feel like one of them. It was only a few weeks ago that I started in the role of Marketing Executive here at White and only just over a year ago that I decided to hand in my resignation as a school teacher and make a complete career change. Entering the big world of marketing, moreover, the world of digital marketing has been an eye-opening and insightful experience, but something tells me that what I’ve seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg.



I met Stuart, our company’s founder and MD, at an annual round table debate evening held by my university at the time, Oxford Brookes. With several companies attending from a wealth of industries, I had been given the role of “greeter girl” at the door. Wanting to make the time worth my while, I took the opportunity to network with every company representative that walked past me, whilst also boldly asking if they were hiring. Stuart was one of the first to reply, ‘actually, we might have something for you at White…’ After two interviews, I landed the role of Marketing Executive at White’s offices in Oxford. New to the industry, I did what any freshly-graduated student would do starting in a SEO company for the first time, I went on Amazon and bought SEO for Dummies. Book read, lunch packed and new handbag ready to go, I set off to explore the world of digital…  


Welcome to the Industry

After only the first few hours, I already loved the world of digital and what it entailed. I was given a thorough induction talk by the one-and-only Ian Hucklesby, White’s Commercial Director, to the world of SEO, which took up an entire wall and afternoon. Through a haze of confusion filled with crawlers and matrices, I knew that if I was ever going to survive in this world, White was the place to be. From studying White as part of my Master’s degree in Marketing at university, it was obvious that the company was in an exciting stage. New staff, new branding, and new clients were all contributors to the progress White has made and now I was on this fast moving bandwagon. Having gone through so many development stages, White has so much potential and is strategically placing itself in a very competitive and powerful position. Having worked in other companies before, it is exciting to work agency-side and witness everything that goes on behind the scenes. The extent of analysis, knowledge and understanding required for this job was really demonstrated in a pitch in London for a high-end hotel, with one of our senior specialists. While only there to observe, I learned so much not only about PPC and SEO but also on how to pitch to potential clients. Needless to say we won the pitch, which once again proved to me that this is an agency that really knows its stuff.


Looking Forward

There’s a saying that everything happens for a reason and my experiences to date have proven this. I think this company has an extremely talented team that works well together and is going from strength to strength. White is undeniably raising the bar of the digital marketing world and even though my experience here is limited, I can safely say with confidence….watch this space!

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