Operational SEO: Insights into running an SEO department [Presentation]

Operational SEO is a huge topic with so many areas to talk about. When Linkdex asked me to speak at their ThinkTank on the subject, it took me a while to identify the key area that I wanted to discuss, but I finally narrowed it down to the people who deliver the projects, the team! Without the very best people it doesn’t matter what tools you have or what brand you are working for, they are limitless.

In the presentation that I gave on the 8th May, I talked about how to ensure that you are keeping on top of the talent that is available to keep ahead of the digital merry go-round that we sit within. I also discuss how we changed our structure three times in the space of time that I have been at White.net to ensure that it was the best for us. I went into how we deal with tools, processes & templates internally and one of the biggest things for me, communication. I finish by talking about the need to constantly push on and ensuring that not only the product evolves, but the team continues to develop through training, conference attendance and constant up-skill.

All of the things I talk about, I have strong feelings on. If you attended the session then I hope you enjoyed it. If you didn’t then take a look at the slides below, and let me know your thoughts on what is required to deliver market leading SEO in the comments below or over on twitter @danielbianchini.

Full transcript coming soon.

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